Wednesday, November 18, 2015

KOCHI -Great Cruise Destination & Turn around Port

Kochi (Cochin) The Queen of the Arabian Sea in the State of Kerala (The God's Own contry ) is a wonderfull destinations for the Cruise Ships. The cruise ships for the season started calling to Cochin Port . The Cruise liner Aida Bella arrived cochin with more than 2000 passangers 1000 crew members. It was a maiden voyage of german cruise liner to cochin. The visitors toured various places in and around Kochi in different groups, including Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Bolgatty Palace, Jew Town, Kumbalangi, Vaikom and Alappuzha.
  Apart from the 34 groups that visited Kochi, two other groups joined with AIDAbella here in the evening, after visiting Delhi and Agra.

Among the passengers of the ship, 1,274 tourists embarked on sightseeing tours on Sunday morning and returned to the ship by noon. “As many as 1,370 of the passengers will return to their home countries from Kochi, while the remaining passengers will continue sailing to Colombo, the next destination.

  In addition, 1,000 other passengers who have arrived in Kochi in three charted flights will also join the cruise,”

cruise Terminal @ cochin Port

Kochi port, which boasts of numerous advantages, has become a turnaround port for cruise ships to the country. Efficient customs and immigration clearance systems and good supplies of food and other commodities are among the highlights of the port. Also notable is the easy accessibility to tourist attractions like Fort Kochi, Mattancherry and Munnar. The port expects as many as 50 cruise ships this season considering its advantageous positioning near the international shipping route and International Airport for Turnaround for passengers

Cochin International Airport

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