Thursday, May 7, 2009

VANILLA The Taste Maker

VANILLA: The taste maker is also one of the cultivation in the land of Kerala. Today I bring you a brief topic on Vanila.

Any member of a group of tropical climbing ORCHIDS that make up the genus Vanilla,and the floavoring agent exacted from its seedpods. The Plant has a long,fleshy climbing stem that attaches itself by aerial rootlets to trees; roots also penetrate the soil. Numerous flowers open a few at a times every morning and last only a day.
But polymerization should be done manually to develop the bean every day .

The fruit, a bean pod 8 in.(20cm) long at maturity is harvested as soon as it turn golden green at the base.

Curing and processing turn the pods deep choclate brown. Vanilla is used in a variety of sweet foods and bevarages as well as in perfumery. It is really a taste if you mix it with tea which is called Vanila tea.

You can also add it with chicken,Beaf & mutton curries and vegetable stews for better taste. Taste it and see the difference.

The following picture is the bean i had collected today. now it has to processed under sunlight to become chocolate brown color

This is one of the costlier bean in the world. Its price ranges from $350 and above for one kilograme.

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